“We know during the last few months things are becoming uncertain and the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is worrisome. We hope you’re all staying safe! Rest assured, me and my family are taking the necessary steps for our health, as our goal is to continue serving you–our community . This is an unprecedented situation, which has required many of us to adjust our normal practices and
In order to get the design process going a phone call discussion is all it takes. From there, it can be determined if a site visit is warranted. And if so, a personal visit will be done with sensitivity to current health protocol. Thereafter design samples are emailed. Thank you for your patronage.”

Services Provided

Typical Services Provided

  • Property assessment over the phone
  • Onsite visit, consulting and data gathering
  • Landscape renderings (CAD) with plants names and quantities
  • Hardscape and water features
  • Installer and nursery references

Additional Services

  • Night Light rendering capability
  • 3D rendering capability
  • Vegetable/Fruit garden designs
  • Plant layout oversight on Initial install
  • Small spaces welcome
  • Calif. natives & drought tolerant designs
  • Seacoast planting designs


  • Typical size: 1,000 – 2,500 SF
  • Typical cost: $350 – $1,500 > depending on landscape elements
  • Greater San Diego area
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